The volumes are currently owned by a Private collector, who purchased them by auction on 04 09 12,
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The two volumes were originaly owned by Mr Owen Bulmer Howell 1880-1969. (Above)

He had been a flyer in the years prior to the First World war and then a Trainer of pilots during the war years, and a copy of his photo on his certificate can now be found on Ancestry co uk. In part because of his love of all things to do with flight, and then space travel, he was a follower of H G Wells.

This is taken from a record of the war contributions made by practising members in Law.

THE publication of this Record of the War Services rendered by the Solicitors and their Articled Clerks in the years 1 9 1 4 
to 1 gig is the fulfilment of one of the three objects of the Solicitors' War Memorial Fund,
Although every effort has been made to render it complete and accurate it is known that there are many omissions
which it has not been possible to supply and probably there are errors which have been
overlooked. These imperfections it is hoped will be forgiven in the knowledge of the difficulties of the task
and the belief that it has been gladly and lovingly discharged to the best of their ability by those to whom it was entrusted.
Chairman of the Memorial Trustees. 
Ath August^ 1920.  
" These are they who for their Country and Freedom's sake jeoparded their lives unto the Death. Therefore they shall be mine, 
saith the Lord of Hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels." 

RECORD OF SERVICE 277 (extract from number of solicitors)



Admitted Nov. 1906. Member of Neish, Howell & Haldane, of 47 Watling

Street, E.C. Joined July 1916, as 2nd Lieut., Royal Flying Corps, acted as

Pilot Instructor and as Temp. Flight Commander, transferred to Royal

Naval Air Service as Sub-Lieut. June 1917, and to Royal Air Force as

Lieut. April 1918. Served at Home, and on Anti-Submarine work in

Home Waters.


His family recalls how he told them that his men were required to spot Submarines, from underneath a man carrying balloon, that was being towed by fast steaming destroyers. If a submarine was spotted, they would relay it to the Destroyer, the crew of which would then cut the balloon loose so that the ship could pursue the submarine. The balloon, and its occupant, were left to drift, until either picked up from the sea or crashed on land.   

Owen Bulmer entered the family law practice, but retained his interest in all things scientific.

His books were passed on to his son, Mr Peter Howell, Actor, 1920-

Family members recall Mr Owen Howells keen interest in H G wells and things scientific.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne has an archive of material relating to H G Wells, and there is a letter from Owen Howell to H G Wells, dated 1939, in which they discuss "Aerial Mines"  

Dated 27/08/39, in folder H468 of correspondence, POST-1650 MS 0452. Contact

 On the death of Mr Owen Howell, the books of H G Wells that he had collected, were passed to his son, Mr Peter Howell.